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Fun Booths

Lol Booth

Our Fun Kiosk is an awesome addition to any kind of party. You and your guests can use the interactive display to drastically and temporarily alter your appearances with the option of printing out the electronic plastic surgery creations on our Mitsubishi Dye Sub Printer.



Karaoke Booth

Let iProducts and DTNE make you into a singing star with our Karaoke kiosk. Choose your song, record yourself singing your heart out and email the track to yourself (and/or any victims you choose to share your performance with). We don’t provide a soundproof booth or audience, but we can’t promise people won’t be listening with this little device set up in a meeting or ballroom for everyone to enjoy the fun. We provide the all-in-one kiosk with songs, words on the screen, recording device and booth attendant for any technical difficulties. You provide the sheer raw talent and moxie.