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Our Story


DTNE was born out of a need to make parties and bar games better. Craig McNeil and Katrina Cain and our team are passionate and knowledgeable about music. Craig had been a DJ for 20 years and Katrina was at a crossroads in her career; after almost 2 decades in the public eye, many of which were spent planning major events for large companies in Vancouver, she was ready for a change. And then, we had an epiphany: we can do BETTER than what is out there right now. We can make Music Trivia BETTER, we can DJ weddings and parties BETTER and we can create amazing event experiences for people.

We are the only company in the area who have redesigned traditional bar style games. We generate all the content for our games and use a proven delivery model for players, be they in a bar, at a staff party or a family reunion, our games are fully customizable for YOUR guests. This means that the people you care about will be fully engaged in our events and have a really great time. We are both excellent in front of a crowd and on a mic; so we can motivate your guests to participate and have a great time. Finally, what makes us stand out the most is our creatively devious minds – we love new ideas, concepts, and designs and won’t hesitate to share our insights with you to make your party POP.