About This Game

Can You Beat Shazam Is A Fast Paced Game That Can Be Played At Home Or In A Public Setting. The Game Is Simple To Learn But Hard To Win Against Other People. If You Think You Are An Expert At Music This Game Is For You. So What Are You Waiting For?


One is in charge of the music and the app. If it is too hard to coordinate the music and the Shazam app 2 people may be needed. Install Shazam app on your phone or another device. Once installed play a song and have Shazam identify the song for you. It usually doesn’t take Shazam long to identify the song you played. Now let’s see if you can identify a song before Shazam can.

The more people playing the harder it is to win. The person who can identify the song first by shouting it out get’s the point. No points are awarded if Shazam wins. Continue until you reach 10 points or as many points as decided.

What You Need


  • A Cell phone with Shazam app installed
  • Something to play music on
  • Paper and pen to keep track of scores
  • A fast knowledge of music