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Let’s face it; everyone is looking for a good deal, especially when prices are on the rise. You may feel like trimming down the entertainment at your event; but it is always the best idea to pay less? It’s a bit of a catch 22: sometimes a good of a deal is hard to pass up; but you get what you pay for. In all cases, weigh the pros and cons to find what works best for you. Sometimes the best solution is busting out the wallet to give yourself peace of mind and sometimes it’s not.

Hopefully, you will only get married once, so make sure you do all you can to make it unforgettable. A big part of any party is the music. While your best friend’s brother who was a DJ in the 1970’s may be a good guy with some musical knowledge, and some old vinyl that he can dust off; more often than not, he won’t understand good flow and proper timing. That’s why spending a little more money to get exactly what you want is a good investment. Choose a DJ who has up-to-date equipment and a vast knowledge of music spanning multiple decades. Keeping a multi generational crowd happy takes talent and sometimes talent costs a little extra.