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This might sound biased coming from a DJ company, but there are some definite benefits to booking your musical entertainment early. First of all; we are getting inquiries into 2017 and I have heard of colleagues who have been getting requests for bookings as late as 2018. Although many of us aren’t necessarily that organized, there are obvious benefits to booking early – you have the best selection of DJ’s to choose from.

Those with good reputations and reasonable prices will book up fast – that is not to say you should go for the cheapest option – you will get what you pay for! Secondly, and maybe a little less obviously, is that DJ companies will raise their rates every year or two; meaning, if you book early and put down a deposit, if they increase their rates after you have reserved your spot, you will be paying the lower rate, not the new rate. So; if you and your fiancee have decided to hire a DJ; start making inquiries as soon as you have made the decision so you have the most options available to you.