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The Holiday season is here once again; with everyone scurrying here and there to get their last minute shopping in for Christmas. For us DJ’s it is an equally busy time, as everyone is ready to party and celebrate the year that they had. Like many people this is the perfect time of year to let off some steam, and let it all hang out; regretting what they did at a later time. The cool thing about being a DJ is that we get to follow people on their journey; playing the right song to fit the mood, and watch as they become slowly more intoxicated.

This is not taking away front he weddings this year as there were many memorable moments from them too. Some that come to mind were the Bride and Groom that did the worm on the dance floor, the grooms men who lost their pants by the end of the night and the extremely drunk man who rained 5 dollar bills on me to play the best set of my life. That being said playing music is something I have loved doing ever since I was a kid; and the fact that I play music for a living is pretty amazing when I think of it. Sometime it can be hard to hear the same Taylor Swift song requested ever night, but the benefits outweigh the negatives.

We as a company only have a few more parties left of 2015 and I can’t help but think about how far we have come in 2.5 years. We have some quality people that we work with, and we hope to find new people to work with in the future. This year has had it’s ups and downs; but there have been way more ups, and if 2016 is any indication of where things are headed, the future looks bright indeed.